Standing out in the windswept mountains, I painted this in Acrylic paint July 2017

Isle of Mull, Scotland 2017

Pennygael, Isle of Mull 2017

Standing beside the sea at Pennygael on the Isle of Mull, I painted this using mixed media on panel board.

I am Australian, but my recent artworks reflect the spiritual connection that I was surprised to feel for the land in my journey back to the ancestral country of Scotland.  I traced the Chisholm Clan and delved into the ancient spiritual beliefs of the Scottish people.  Visited the ancient church site on Iona and other special Christian churches.  

I felt a strong sense of power emanating from the many standing stones that we visited and have been inspired to create a series of works that reflect some of those emotive connections.

Callanish Standing Stones 2016
Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas

Orkneys Standing Stones 2016
Medium: Oil on canvas

The Blood of my Ancestors Runs Through My Veins 2016
Medium: Acrylic on Ply board (diptych)

Scottish Standing Stone 2016
Medium: Acrylic on Plyboard

The Blood of My Ancestors Runs Through My Veins.
Medium: Acrylic on Ply Board
Part of a Diptych

Chisholm Stones
Medium: Acrylic on Ply Board
Part of the Diptych 'The Blood of My Ancestors Runs Through My Veins'